Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts for the Day

Quoting Mark Reynolds.
Just in case you have not been paying attention.

there were air-accidents nearly everyday for a week. most people only heard about the Air France flight or maybe the two planes that collided in mid-air in California.

There have been reports of earthquakes every couple of days for two weeks.

Tropical depression #1 has already formed – not in Africa, but off the nation’s southeast coast.

Terrorists and Rogue Nations
Israel has performed the largest military preparedness practice drill in its history of the recent weekend.
North Korea has or will invalidate the decades old armistice and has been shooting missiles and exploding nukes.
China is gathering steam to reclaim Taiwan (which it never accepted as a separate sovereign nation)
Iran is about to test its nukes.
Pakistan is in the midst of a civil war (or near so)

Change you can believe in????