Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Lights Camera Action: Watch out online here I come! The quote at the bottom of my certificate of Accomplishment reads,
Move over Sun and Give me some Sky. I've got my wings and I'm ready to fly.
Video Logging is just around the corner and located right here in my office. My next post will be a Video Log!

As part of my continuing real estate education, I have completed Video Technology for the Texas Real Estate Agent. Desiree Savory and Joseph Petrie have shared their experiences and followed through with complete instruction. Through this course I have learned how to promote real estate online. I am very excited and ready to add a new dimension to selling property for my clients.

If you have a property to Sell call me today and let's Make Your Dreams Happen!

Judy Reynolds, 936-203-7761

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