Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Are you preparing your home for sale? After my last post you should have aired out your home (keep it up), cleaned the carpets, oiled wood furniture, doors and cabinets, replaced your A/C filters. That was just the Gereral ongoing list.

Now let's visit about the Interior of your home. Light fixtures need to be the highest levey of watage that safety will allow. Be sure to dust and wash all fixtures and fans because everything is going to show when you add that extra light.

Other interior tasks to keep in mind: Dust blinds, windowsills, and plant ledges.
Remove any cobwebs inside and outside those windows. Remove the window screens and clean them, then clean interior and exterior of all windows and glass doors. I have a black lab and the glass doors are a constant issue of needing to be cleaned! When your home is on the market keep in mind to pull up blinds or shades and open the draperies to allow maximum light into the rooms.

Ok let's get these chores done and then I'll give you more... Be sure to call me!

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