Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feast of Artisans

Recently I have begun the adventure of trying new or unusual activities that are happening right here in my own community.  Getting outside of the repeated hum drum let’s do the same thing as last week attitude I found a somewhat new event happening at the Woodlands Mall every Wednesday from 3 – 7pm.  The Feast of the Artisans is a Farmers Market combined with an Artisan Market, thus the name Feast of Artisans.

Starting with a late lunch at CafĂ© Express my guests and I then caught The Woodlands Trolley at Market Street – Central Park.  The air-conditioned Trolley dropped us off right where we needed to shop without having to move and then park our automobiles.

  The Trolley stop above The Waterway located close to The Cheesecake Factory and Barnes & Noble is where you want to deboard.  Then make your way to the tents of local vendors selling seasonal local fruits and vegetables, local honey, free-range chicken eggs, meats, olive oil, tie-dyed products, Indian food, bath sundries, ceramics and more.  I personally found: squash, peaches, tomatoes, organic green beans, Luxurious Face & Body Cream, and wine.

We had a wonderfully relaxed time shopping, made our way back to the car via The Trolley and left our bags.  Then we headed back into Market Square to finish the evening with Yogurt.  Does this sound like an out of the ordinary evening to you?  Try it!

What:  Feast of Artisans Farmers Market
Where:  The Woodlands Mall, I-45 north at Lake Woodlands Drive, south side of the shopping center.
When:  Every Wednesday 3 – 7pm
Why:  Support local farmers and Artisans making unique items conveniently available to area families.
Interested in Participating?  Click:  http://www.feastofartisans.com

I appreciate the effort of The Woodlands Mall and the sponsor in part by LIPTON Iced Tea. 
Judy Reynolds

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