Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nest Your Space in Montgomery County, Texas

From The Best of your Life  published in the Feb/March AARP an article Give Yourself a Happiness Makeover has 10 important steps to improve our happiness.

  1. Nestle in the Right Neighborhood
  2. Start Shopping: Start Saving
  3. Make the Most of Your Morning
  4. Trim Your TV Time
  5. Get a Daily Dose of Friends
  6. Find Your Soul Mate
  7. Meet, Pray, Love
  8. Create a Sunny Sanctuary
  9. Gain Peace with a Pooch
  10. Ignite Your Passion for Compassion
Nestle in the Right Neighborhood --- Is at the top of the list.  Remember to call on Me, your Realtor, to help you find the nest you are looking for to call "Home."  Did you know that "people are generally happiest in sunny areas and on the water," or that you should look for neighborhoods with "sidewalks, meeting places and other characteristics that nudge you into social interaction?"  Also, "Green spaces and recreation also favors well-being."  Montgomery County in my part of Texas is just the place you need to live!  Whether it's blue skies over Lake Conroe or a combination of water and meeting places & shopping in The Woodlands,  I can help you find the neighborhood to nest your space!