Monday, April 22, 2013

Happiness and Your New Home

Jean Chatzky writes Back to Basics.  In the Feb/March issue of AARP, there is an exceptional article titled How to Buy Happiness .  All of her ideas can so easily be applied to Real Estate!

1.  Know what you treasure most.  -- it's good to actually make a list of the top 10 items you want in a home,  then arrange those treasured items from #1 being the most important and so forth. 
2.  Bigger isn't better  --  I moved from a well arranged 1500 sq ft home that had storage in the completely floored attic space ... to a 3200 sq ft home with soaring ceilings and guess what ... there isn't any attic space what-so-ever other than the two water heaters and AC requirements for a Southern Texas home.  So guess where my Christmas/Easter/Harvest Decorations are, not to mention family heirlooms.  What did bigger accomplish for me?
3.  Don't go overboard --  I would add to her comments that nothing kills happiness like an unbalanced budget.  Period ... enough said!  One thing I promise my clients is to not push over their limits of where their spending habits will allow.  After all, what fun is life if we can't actually live it?
4.  Pay down your mortgage --  Could there be a better feeling than owning your home outright?

Let's get looking for Your New Home and keep in mind all of the Happiness suggestions!

Judy Reynolds, Texas Home Group Realtors

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