Thursday, August 28, 2014

Carnival Cruise 2014 - Part 2

Day 4 - Cozumel!

"We are here!"  From the balcony you can hear multiple exclamations, "Look how beautiful the water is!"  Already I knew we would never get to stay in this location as long as I would like.  Then we hear the dreaded announcement.  "Please do not come to the debarkation level."  It seems we had entered the port at the same time as the Triumph Breeze which left from Miami.  So our time in this beautiful tropical paradise is getting sliced already.  I'm extremely anxious because this is the excursion I have been waiting for since we left Galveston! 

Just a bit negative here and then I will move on:  When our large Triumph and the gigantic Breeze allowed passengers to leave the ships at the same time it created massive chaos.  Once we finally found the line for Dolphin Encounter and explained that we were late because they wouldn't allow us to leave (with guides who spoke very little English), we were quickly wrist tagged and instructed to "Stand here."  Then the fellow with a sign said, "Come," and through crowds of people he took off with a dash!  Hurry, breath, skip a step ... where is he now?  How we ever kept up I still wonder.  Moving on...
My cherished moments.  Entering the water and knowing the dolphins would be swimming right up to me was a moment of overcoming fear.  I will forever be happy that I was able to calm my nerves and allow these magnificent creatures to enter my zone of space. 

From the dolphins, to lunch, to shopping on the pier, Cozumel will remain one of the highlights of my lifetime.  We were hot and exhausted when we reached the secured area of entering the ship.  As Mark finished his shopping I spied the bicycle taxi and had already figured out the $5 fee to pass the hoards of people and step out of a buggy directly in front of the ramp would be one of the best expenditures of this excursion.  As the cyclist peddled forward the breeze hit our faces and the memories embedded forever.  From this point on the rest of the trip seems almost a blur but I will recap the remaining days as best as possible.

Day 5 - Another full day at Sea
Today was Mark's choice of excursions.  His only request was to be able to somehow take a tour of the ship.  So we made sure on our very first day that we were signed up for the ultimate tour.  Behind the Fun was limited to just 16 guests for each scheduled tour lasting almost 4 hours.  Cameras were taken up and given back after the tour.  But complimentary photos on the bridge with the Captain were given to us so we gladly left behind such items.  We were lead beyond the public areas visiting the bridge, engine control room, main galley, staff dining areas, storeroom, laundry all rare views of what the public normally sees.  Perhaps this was Mark's dream but I admit that it made our trip complete!  After retiring to our rooms the excitement of our 5 days has caught up with me.  I dove into the covers and didn't come up until dinner time.  One last trip into the London Lounge and one last show this evening.  It was all I had left in me to stay awake for the events and oh, yes, packing.  Our bags were outside the stateroom door by 9pm so that they would be taken downstairs waiting for our departure from the ship the next morning.
Day 6 - Saturday,  August 16, 2014
We awoke early and made it to sunrise on the Lido deck.  It was always breathtaking to see the sun brightening the earth's sky and once again find reason to Praise Our Heavenly Father for such marvelous creations.  Coffee and a stroll, breakfast and more coffee... then returned to our room to pull open drawers, double check closets and relax on the balcony as the Triumph entered Galveston.  Once again there were boats, birds begging for food, and the skyline of buildings.  It's always bitter sweet when vacation comes to an end.  However, we return from this trip with a treasure of lifetime memories!

 We are Home!  Back to our Families, Back to our Routines ... Back to the Business of Real Estate!

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