Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Too Much Clutter

Have you been told that to sell your home you must declutter?  It is true ... Homes that are staged properly sell faster and most times, for a higher price!

What about a deep clean in order to sell?  There are cleaning jobs, I personally know, that are difficult to accomplish on my own.  Consider hiring a professional company to do a deep clean and give your home a refreshing uplift.

Do you have multiple family portraits hanging in the home?  Consider this ...  It is easier for people to envision their own décor if they have more of a blank slate.  Also, it always concerns me to see photographs of young children on the walls knowing those pictures might show up online.  If names of children are spelled out with blocks I always recommend the artwork be boxed.  Never do you want a name of a child to appear in pictures online.

Contact me if you are ready to Sell your home, or ready to look for your Dream Home!  I'm ready to help!

Judy Reynolds

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Fall Home and Garden Show

What:  This weekend is the annual Woodlands Home and Garden Show

When:  Starting Saturday, Aug 13th the hours are 9am-7pm; and opening again on Sunday, Aug 14th from 10am-6pm.

Where:  The Woodlands Waterway Marriot

ParkingFree Parking is located in the Parking Garage behind the Convention Center next to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion on Six Pines and Lake Robbins. (Parking at the Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center is NOT free.  If you park in the hotel garage, there is a charge, and Texwood Shows would be unable to reimburse you for the parking.)
The website link containing directions and a map:

Ticket Prices:  Cash only (hey folks I'm only relaying the info, I don't make the rules)
Adults - $9, Seniors $8, children under are free.

Don't forget there is a coupon available at this link:  simply put in your name and address and it's a $1 off coupon.

Will I run in to you there?  Which day?  Let me know what you think of this year's show.

When you're finished dreaming at the show contact me, the show might put you in the mood for shopping for a Dream Home.  I'm  Standing By to Be Your Realtor, let's Wrap Real Estate together!

Judy Whipple Reynolds

Friday, August 5, 2016

Second Homes

When purchasing a Second Home be sure to plan the following in your Budget:

  1. Higher interest rates
  2. Higher insurance rates
  3. A property-tax adjustment after the purchase
  4. Furniture, remodeling and decorating
  5. Routine upkeep and emergency repairs
  6. Travel expenses to and from your new haven

Don't be overwhelmed though by the above points.  Buying a second home has certain financial advantages.  Taxpayers can write off interest on more than one home if the properties total debt is less than $1.1 million.

The above information is found in the June 2016 issue of the AARP Bulletin.

Visit with your accountant to confirm local information that pertains to Texas.  Then contact me and let's find your dreamy Second Home, maybe, in the Lake Conroe Area!  Judy@JudyReynolds.Realtor

The National Association of Realtors has recently posted on their Blog Your Second Home is Just a Dream Away in which the following statistics are revealed. 
Percentages Motivating a purchase of a Vacation Home:
  • 37% Buyers plans to use the property for vacations and family retreats
  • 16% Plans to convert the Second Property into their future Primary Residence
  • 13% Buyer found a great deal (Who could resist a great deal?)
Other interesting statistics found from their survey included facts about where you might want to consider in the purchase of your dreamy Second Home. 
 Location of Second Homes:

  • 40% Near a Beach
  • 19% In the Mountains
  • 19% By a Lake
Now if you are considering how to pay for the property you dream about ... 52% financed less than 70%, while 39% paid cash.  That's not to say you must have available funds to pay cash or even most of a mortgage.  So be sure to speak with your Loan Officer.  If you need to know names of Loan Officers in my area, let me know and I will provide a list.
One more fact to leave you with ... The typical Second Home/Vacation Property was located 200 miles or more from a primary residence.
Going back to how I can help, lets talk about locations.  If you are wanting a beach location then  I live less that 2 hours from the Gulf of Mexico.  Thinking of investing in  the Kemah or maybe Galveston areas?  They are both in the Houston Association of Realtors and I can find properties on MLS for you.  I would love to help!
  Or maybe a cooler Mountain location would be your preference to hot summer days.  May I suggest Ruidoso?  As a matter of fact, I would love to bring the following beautiful home to your attention!
 Make an appointment with Mary Austin (COLDWELL BANKER SDC, (575) 257-5111)  to see the property.  Mary's contact information is also at the link above.  By all means tell her that you saw Judy Reynolds' blog!  Also, here is my disclaimer, this was my father-in-law's second home which turned into his primary residence.  It is now in the family estate so that another fortunate buyer can purchase.
Now, last but not least, would be that Lake Location, Lake Conroe is a 21,000 acre Lake and I actually live in the Lake Conroe Area.  No kidding that is the area of my specialty for Real Estate.  Contact me right away and let's get you on the lake.
I am standing by ready to help you as your Realtor,
Judy Whipple Reynolds


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Did You Know?

The following information has been taken from the June/July 2016 AARP Bulletin:

  • Using surgical paper tape on your feet is the easiest and most effective way to prevent blisters.
  • Tea Bags in your shoes can reduce odor.  First, wipe the inside of each shoe with a cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol (kills bacteria).  Next, place a dry tea bag in each shoe and let them sit at least overnight.
  • The gelatin in roasted marshmallows coats the throat and relieves irritation and pain (just don't eat them too hot!)
  • It's not enough to apply bug spray and sunscreen for protection.  You need to make sure you do this in the right order.  Sunscreen goes on first, then the insect repellent.  Avoid combo repellent-sunscreen products, because sunscreen usually needs to be reapplied more often than the bug spray.
  • Your messy kitchen could be causing you to overeat!  Researchers suggest the stress you experience in a chaotic environment may interfere with your ability to exercise self-control.

Now I know that I must go home and clean my kitchen!  It's the answer to the diet plan.  :-)

Would you like to look at dream home kitchens?  Contact me and we can schedule appointments to see the kitchen of your dreams.


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Friday, July 22, 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright Design

As I reviewed Active On the Market homes in The City of Panorama Village I came across a Frank Lloyd Wright design home.  Personally his style of Organic Architecture totally intrigues me.  Organic Architecture is a philosophy of harmony with humanity and its environment.    If you are not familiar with the works of Frank Lloyd Write I encourage you to look at the following links.

Wikipedia is usually my first go to link for history and definitions:

There is also a foundation that Wright himself established.

Let's get back to the home for sale in Panorama Village.  Built in 1971 this particular property has 4431 square feet.  It has 1.3 acres (a rarity for Panorama to have a large lot), and it is on the golf course of The Village Golf Club.  I understand from reading the write up that the pool/sauna is enclosed and the wrap-around porch overlooks the 24th hole of the course.

Do I sound interested?  Oh my gosh yes!  However, I already own a home in Panorama Village that I do not plan on selling.  However, if you are interested in this opportunity to own one of the most unique homes then please contact me. 

Let me mention here that I am not the Listing Agent.  Simply I am totally intrigued that
such a design exists in my own little community.  So if you are looking for a Buyers Representative contact me right away and let's take a look at this and/or any property which will fulfill your dreams.

As always I am standing by to be your Realtor® and help you "Wrap Real Estate".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flood Insurance and Montgomery County (TEXAS) flood maps

Previously I have posted information about our Montgomery County flood maps.  The link to the archive including that information is:

Last month (June 19th 2016) in the Conroe Courier there was an article titled 8 things that you didn't know about flood insurance  Byron Ellis, Finance Columnist included the following take away points that strike me most:
  • Because the earth is always changing (new buildings and parking lots) even miles away can affect the water patterns.
  • Your detached structure may need a policy of its own.
  • You cannot run a business out of the garage and have it be covered under your flood policy.
  • The flood has to cover at least 2 acres if you have acreage.
  • You may not be covered if your pool overflows into your house.  If your home is flooded by your rising pool water, the water has to cross an adjacent structure along with flooding your home.
  •  You can buy flood insurance after you have been flooded.
  • After a 30 day waiting period, you can purchase a flood policy.  While it won't pay for repair to the damage of the first flood, it is suggested you hold on to your receipts in case you have another loss after the policy is in force.  FEMA will require proof that you made the repairs from your first loss.
  • FEMA cannot cancel your flood insurance policy! (as long as you have paid your premiums)
  • FEMA cannot cancel you no matter how often your property floods.
  • If you are more than 60 days late on premiums you will have to have a new policy written.
  • You can transfer your policy to a new homeowner.  This keeps their policy premiums lower than if they secured one on their own.
  • If your flood zone improves you can get your premiums lowered. 
  • You can request lower rates by showing a new elevation certificate.

You might be wondering if I personally have flood insurance?  YES!  Anytime water comes from outside to flood your home this catastrophe is not covered under your homeowners insurance.  Because we live in an area prone to flash floods and because our area is ever growing and changing my personal home is covered with flood insurance.  Be sure to visit with your insurance agent and get this information plus any questions you may have verified by an insurance expert.

If there is anything I can help you with when it comes to Real Estate be sure to contact me!




Monday, July 18, 2016

July, A Month of Celebrations

Opening this month of festivities was one of our most memorable experiences!   Although we have lived in the City of Panorama Village, Texas for several years this was the first time we participated in the 4th of July Parade.  Thanks to Panorama Nextdoor we knew exactly where and when to line up and enjoy all of the events of the day.  There was an impressive turn out as we lined up in front of Panorama's City Hall at 8am July 2nd to enter our spot in the procession of Emergency Vehicles, Automobiles, Golf Carts and Bicycles.  Friends and Neighbors meet, visited, took photos, and looked over all decorations for the next hour as we waited on everyone to join the Fun.

Then the parade began, Mark and I had an abundance of tootsie rolls, and Dumdums to throw at the citizens who gathers along the route waiting to wave as all of us passed through our streets of the Village.  To our surprise our 3 wheeled motorcycle (Izzy) took 2nd place in the automobile division!  Now we certainly plan on participating next year and look forward to adding to Izzy's décor.


The following weekend Mark took a Trike Operators Safety Class.  We stayed in Texas City (a mini vacation for me) while Mark studied and gained valuable advise from expert teachers.  The weekend ended with us celebrating Mark's successful completion of the 3WMC class.   We highly recommend the teaching location and you can find their information at the following link:

The month of July has been a busy month at Texas Home Group Realtors in Willis as several classes have been offered to the Agents.  July 13th I won a Starbucks gift card wrapped in the most impressive presentation that will become one I remember to use myself.  Thank you to Brook Furniture Rental!


Last, but certainly not least, is the celebration of many birthdays in our family this month!  Kristilyn and my Dad share birthdays (July 16th).  While Kristilyn turned a young 14 yrs, we wished my Dad a quiet Happy 85th Birthday at his bedside.  This week Joe turns 36yrs.  I find myself wondering where the passage of time has gone.  But remember how grciousl God has been to allow the celebrations of Birthdays!

So how about you?  What celebrations have you experienced this month?  Have you bought or sold a home during July?  Shall I help you find your dream home?  There is still summer waiting.  Let's make an appointment today!

Judy Reynolds


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Opens in Conroe

I'm always looking for somewhere new to post about.  Today the Potbelly Sandwich Shop opens in Conroe at 1240 N. Loop West.  Along with sandwiches it's exciting to mention that they will be serving hand-dipped milkshakes!  The salads will be made to order. Check out their full menu by clicking

Sunday's edition of the Courier also reports that this location will host live, local music. Interested performers should contact the shop manager to apply and to schedule an audition.  I'm curious to know when music is scheduled.  This will be something to check out!

Let me know what you think about the new sandwich shop in Conroe.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Montgomery County Flood Maps

Have you checked out the current floodplain maps for our county?  Simply follow the following link

The link will ask you to agree to their policy.  Then a new window opens and simply type in your address to run a search.  The shaded areas have a legend in the bottom right corner of the window.

Please note:  FEMA sets the rates for flood insurance.  Be sure to consult with your homeowners insurance agent to confirm and determine the area which area your property is appearing.

I hope this helps,

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Ruidoso, a place where families and friends have often congregated.  Personally my family has frequented Ruidoso.  You see in the late 80's we were handed a key to a hide away and told "This is your inheritance."  Some of our fondest memories were formed in the 3 bedroom hideaway.  Games around the table, children playing and throwing army men over the balcony all of this combined brought hours of laughter.  Memories to treasure for a lifetime were created in those formative years of my children.

Time progressed and the matriarch of the family sold, bought, and repeated the cycle again.  After all that is what people in real estate do ... always eyeing the other properties.  The last property my husband's father owned is: 

146 Willie Horton Drive
Ruidoso, New Mexico  88345

Ruidoso has always been a quiet retreat.  Midtown shopping is available and truly with every trip allowances were always made so we could bring home a mountain treasure.  I might add that it seems everything including restaurants will be closed earlier than the big city life.  So if you are like me and believe in eating out when at your vacation hideaway be prepared to eat early or have the snacks stocked to last till morning.

Last May we made one of the more depressing trips into Ruidoso.  The realization that our parents are not with us on this earth forever sank in.  As we approached Ruidoso, the formation of the Mountains came into eyesight.  It's always breathtaking to view and reinforces Thankfulness to my God and Creator of such wonders.  On the other hand, this particular time memories flooded my mind, realization sunk in and as tears formed in my eyes I fought breaking into sobs.  It was a cloudy rainy afternoon and in order to overcome my emotions I shot one picture after another.  The following YouTube link is just a few of the snapshots my telephone helped to capture:
The Road to Ruidoso 

I'm going to close this blog entry adding that if you are looking to reward your family with a lovely second home in the Mountains of Ruidoso please consider 146 Willie Horton Drive in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  To see property information and photographs simply click on the following link:

Make an appointment with Mary Austin (COLDWELL BANKER SDC, (575) 257-5111)  to see the property.  Mary's contact information is also at the link above.  By all means tell her that you saw Judy Reynolds' blog!

If, on the other hand, you are searching for a home near me I can help!  Whether it's going to be your primary residence or perhaps a second home on Lake Conroe, contact me directly.  We will set up a time and I can help you find a dream home right here in Texas.

Judy Reynolds

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tastefest in Conroe

What?   Tastefest
When?  Thursday, May 12th; 5pm-8pm
Where?  Lone Star Convention Center
              9055 Airport Road
              Conroe, Tx

Tastefest, an event I've always pondered about attending.  It would be an opportunity to sample the local cuisine.  This is the 6th year that Tastefest has been hosted by the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce.  So what keeps me away?  I can't imagine the crowds of people standing in line to have food dished and handed over to the masses of hungry waiting people.  Are there plenty of places to sit and enjoy each sampling? 
Have you attended such an event?  Over the next few days I will decide whether to purchase my ticket. Please share your experience in comments! Perhaps next year I will be able to add my own opinion.

Information and a list of current vendors attending can be found at :

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Last Day of Early Voting

Today (May 3, 2016) is the last day for early voting in Montgomery County.  Locations and Sample Ballots can be found at .  It's important, Go Vote!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Texas Home Group Realtors®, 12275 FM 1097 Willis, Texas 77318


Texas Home Group Realtors® opens in Willis, Texas today!


Our long awaited new location is located at 12275 FM 1097 / Willis, Texas  77318.  Last month I posted about Reshaping Judy Reynolds Realtor and Setting My Big Why.  As part of reshaping my business this year I personally have now moved into my space within the Texas Home Group Realtors® location.  I am here weekdays and weekends by appointment.  Please be sure to email or call first as I may be out previewing homes or showing clients a home of their dreams.  My contact information can easily be found at Judy@JudyReynolds.Realtor .

Move In Day!  March 2016


Contact me today!
I'm ready to be your Realtor®
Judy Whipple Reynolds

Friday, February 12, 2016

Setting the Big Why

2016 - Reshaping Judy Whipple Reynolds, Realtor®  and Why?

Every year I set for myself a Lifestyle Goal.  Some of us call that a New Year's Resolution.  I, however, prefer to consider my goal a lifestyle that I set into order.  In January of this year I read a commentary that whatever we resolve to do, we should consider our big, "Why?"

For instance, in 2010 I set the goal of loosing weight by exercising and using a calorie counter as a phone app.  Yes it worked!  But it wasn't the typical reason that we all set every Jan 1st. I did have a big "Why?"  You see I was on the second tier of medicine for psoriatic arthritis and it wasn't working.  Long story made short, I am methotrexate free and my big why was a success.   

Let's skip ahead to 2016.  I have set the goal of reshaping my Real Estate Business.  During the previous year  my parents took precedence in my life and daily schedule.  The Season of Life left me strong with realizing I am capable of handling situations that were unimaginable.  This new found strength will help with my Lifestyle Goal for this year.  That part of me which enjoys helping Buyers find their dream homes is excited and eager to work.  There are new classes on my calendar and allot of new education has already infiltrated my mind; and, golly this is just the second week of February.  Coming soon Texas Home Group Realtors will be opening a new location in Willis.  More of this information will be forthcoming.  I love my job (Wrapping Real Estate) and enjoy helping Buyers search for, negotiate and close their deal.  So now to reveal my big "Why?"  My husband and I ended 2015 by taking our sons and their family on a 7 day cruise for Christmas.  We were joined with extended family.  The trip was packed full of fun filled days, adventures and lifetime memories.  My big "Why?" is to ensure the creation of multiple cherished lifetime memories.

I couldn't be more proud of my Family
Mark Reynolds, husband, encourager and webmaster of www.JudyReynolds.Realtor
I'm ready to be your Realtor® be sure to visit my website.  Let me know how I can help you with your Real Estate Transactions!