Friday, February 12, 2016

Setting the Big Why

2016 - Reshaping Judy Whipple Reynolds, Realtor®  and Why?

Every year I set for myself a Lifestyle Goal.  Some of us call that a New Year's Resolution.  I, however, prefer to consider my goal a lifestyle that I set into order.  In January of this year I read a commentary that whatever we resolve to do, we should consider our big, "Why?"

For instance, in 2010 I set the goal of loosing weight by exercising and using a calorie counter as a phone app.  Yes it worked!  But it wasn't the typical reason that we all set every Jan 1st. I did have a big "Why?"  You see I was on the second tier of medicine for psoriatic arthritis and it wasn't working.  Long story made short, I am methotrexate free and my big why was a success.   

Let's skip ahead to 2016.  I have set the goal of reshaping my Real Estate Business.  During the previous year  my parents took precedence in my life and daily schedule.  The Season of Life left me strong with realizing I am capable of handling situations that were unimaginable.  This new found strength will help with my Lifestyle Goal for this year.  That part of me which enjoys helping Buyers find their dream homes is excited and eager to work.  There are new classes on my calendar and allot of new education has already infiltrated my mind; and, golly this is just the second week of February.  Coming soon Texas Home Group Realtors will be opening a new location in Willis.  More of this information will be forthcoming.  I love my job (Wrapping Real Estate) and enjoy helping Buyers search for, negotiate and close their deal.  So now to reveal my big "Why?"  My husband and I ended 2015 by taking our sons and their family on a 7 day cruise for Christmas.  We were joined with extended family.  The trip was packed full of fun filled days, adventures and lifetime memories.  My big "Why?" is to ensure the creation of multiple cherished lifetime memories.

I couldn't be more proud of my Family
Mark Reynolds, husband, encourager and webmaster of www.JudyReynolds.Realtor
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