Friday, July 22, 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright Design

As I reviewed Active On the Market homes in The City of Panorama Village I came across a Frank Lloyd Wright design home.  Personally his style of Organic Architecture totally intrigues me.  Organic Architecture is a philosophy of harmony with humanity and its environment.    If you are not familiar with the works of Frank Lloyd Write I encourage you to look at the following links.

Wikipedia is usually my first go to link for history and definitions:

There is also a foundation that Wright himself established.

Let's get back to the home for sale in Panorama Village.  Built in 1971 this particular property has 4431 square feet.  It has 1.3 acres (a rarity for Panorama to have a large lot), and it is on the golf course of The Village Golf Club.  I understand from reading the write up that the pool/sauna is enclosed and the wrap-around porch overlooks the 24th hole of the course.

Do I sound interested?  Oh my gosh yes!  However, I already own a home in Panorama Village that I do not plan on selling.  However, if you are interested in this opportunity to own one of the most unique homes then please contact me. 

Let me mention here that I am not the Listing Agent.  Simply I am totally intrigued that
such a design exists in my own little community.  So if you are looking for a Buyers Representative contact me right away and let's take a look at this and/or any property which will fulfill your dreams.

As always I am standing by to be your Realtor® and help you "Wrap Real Estate".

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