Monday, July 18, 2016

July, A Month of Celebrations

Opening this month of festivities was one of our most memorable experiences!   Although we have lived in the City of Panorama Village, Texas for several years this was the first time we participated in the 4th of July Parade.  Thanks to Panorama Nextdoor we knew exactly where and when to line up and enjoy all of the events of the day.  There was an impressive turn out as we lined up in front of Panorama's City Hall at 8am July 2nd to enter our spot in the procession of Emergency Vehicles, Automobiles, Golf Carts and Bicycles.  Friends and Neighbors meet, visited, took photos, and looked over all decorations for the next hour as we waited on everyone to join the Fun.

Then the parade began, Mark and I had an abundance of tootsie rolls, and Dumdums to throw at the citizens who gathers along the route waiting to wave as all of us passed through our streets of the Village.  To our surprise our 3 wheeled motorcycle (Izzy) took 2nd place in the automobile division!  Now we certainly plan on participating next year and look forward to adding to Izzy's décor.


The following weekend Mark took a Trike Operators Safety Class.  We stayed in Texas City (a mini vacation for me) while Mark studied and gained valuable advise from expert teachers.  The weekend ended with us celebrating Mark's successful completion of the 3WMC class.   We highly recommend the teaching location and you can find their information at the following link:

The month of July has been a busy month at Texas Home Group Realtors in Willis as several classes have been offered to the Agents.  July 13th I won a Starbucks gift card wrapped in the most impressive presentation that will become one I remember to use myself.  Thank you to Brook Furniture Rental!


Last, but certainly not least, is the celebration of many birthdays in our family this month!  Kristilyn and my Dad share birthdays (July 16th).  While Kristilyn turned a young 14 yrs, we wished my Dad a quiet Happy 85th Birthday at his bedside.  This week Joe turns 36yrs.  I find myself wondering where the passage of time has gone.  But remember how grciousl God has been to allow the celebrations of Birthdays!

So how about you?  What celebrations have you experienced this month?  Have you bought or sold a home during July?  Shall I help you find your dream home?  There is still summer waiting.  Let's make an appointment today!

Judy Reynolds


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