Thursday, August 25, 2016

Too Much Clutter

Have you been told that to sell your home you must declutter?  It is true ... Homes that are staged properly sell faster and most times, for a higher price!

What about a deep clean in order to sell?  There are cleaning jobs, I personally know, that are difficult to accomplish on my own.  Consider hiring a professional company to do a deep clean and give your home a refreshing uplift.

Do you have multiple family portraits hanging in the home?  Consider this ...  It is easier for people to envision their own décor if they have more of a blank slate.  Also, it always concerns me to see photographs of young children on the walls knowing those pictures might show up online.  If names of children are spelled out with blocks I always recommend the artwork be boxed.  Never do you want a name of a child to appear in pictures online.

Contact me if you are ready to Sell your home, or ready to look for your Dream Home!  I'm ready to help!

Judy Reynolds

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